The 6 Best Reversible Strollers

A reversible baby stroller will allow you to put your baby so it faces towards you or away from you, depending on what you prefer in any given situation. These strollers will usually also allow the baby to lie flat for taking a nap, or straight up for looking around and taking in the sights. The reversible style stroller is available from a number of companies, and it is important that you take enough time to see what your options are like. The more of this research you do, the better of a decision you will be likely to make.

Why Buy a Reversible Stroller?

A reversible stroller can be a huge convenience for any parent, as it will allow you to place your child the way you want at any given moment. Whether you want to have your baby facing you or away from you, these strollers will allow you to do this without any issues whatsoever. Sometimes it is very important that you are able to see your baby’s face when you are walking along with it in the stroller. This is definitely an option that you will want to have, so you will therefore want to consider investing in a reversible stroller.

These days more and more parents have started buying reversible strollers because they offer such a huge convenience. Being able to set your baby facing away from you can sometimes be very useful, such as if it is particularly sunny outside and you don’t want to expose him or her to the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun.

What to Look for in a Reversible Stroller

When you are looking for a new reversible stroller to buy, you will first need to take a few things into consideration before you can make a final purchase.

Reversible Design

Although it may seem obvious, you will need to make absolutely sure that the stroller you have picked out is truly reversible so you can sit your child the way you want, either backwards or forwards. Make sure that the stroller is advertised as being reversible, because otherwise you are just going to end up returning it.

Buy it online

There are a lot of great deals on reversible strollers online, so you will need to start browsing the web to look at what kinds of options you have. The internet really is your best resource when it comes to getting the stroller you need while saving as much money as possible. The more time you spend doing this research online, the better your chances will be of getting the right stroller and staying within your budget.

Positive Customer Reviews

You should also make a point of looking for reversible strollers that have lots of positive customer reviews online. If you come across a certain stroller that looks good but has a ton of negative reviews, you will most likely want to stay away from it. We highly recommend that you spend as much time as necessary reading through customer reviews for each stroller you find so that you can choose the very best one overall. These customer reviews can provide you with valuable information when it comes to selecting one that will meet your needs.

Compact Design

Another feature that you will want to look out for in a reversible stroller is a compact design. Compact strollers are much easier to carry around and store than non-compact models. When you are looking at all of the different options you have, make sure that you look for models that are advertised as being compact. You will want the stroller you get to be easily foldable so you don’t have to spend a long time messing around with it. This is one feature that will ultimately save you a lot of time and frustration overall.

Adjustable Height

You will also want a stroller with an adjustable height feature so that you can set yours to a height that is comfortable. If you are particularly tall or short, this is certainly going to be one feature that you will need to pay special attention to.

Reversible Stroller Reviews

Product Name
Overall Rating
Black Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller
(5 / 5)
Black Rock Star Baby Infinity Stroller
(2.5 / 5)
Purple Stokke Xplory Stroller
(3.5 / 5)
Black Bugaboo Frog Complete Stroller
(3 / 5)
Luxury Infant Baby Foldable Stroller
(5 / 5)
Graphite Combi Catalyst Stroller
(3.5 / 5)

Bugaboo Cameleon Reversible Stroller

The Bugaboo Cameleon is a great reversible stroller that will provide you with exactly what you need to position your baby how you want wherever you are. This stroller is made of 100% polyester, so you can count on it to keep your child comfortable at all times. The frame of this stroller is used for bassinet configuration, and there is an ergonomic carry handle that will make carrying around this stroller when it’s folded up very easy.

The rain cover that this stroller offers is yet another great feature that you will need to consider, as it will shelter your child from the elements if the weather turns sour at any point. This cover is also designed to protect children behind it from UV light as well as wind and snow. This means that you will get the level protection you need to keep your child safe and sound while it is in the stroller. This stroller comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can get any repairs or replacements needed within this period of time. If you are looking for a good reversible stroller, this one is an excellent overall choice.

Rock Star Baby Reversible Stroller

The Rock Star Baby Reversible Stroller offers a solid steel construction, making it one of the most durable strollers on the market. If you are searching for a stroller that will provide you with a very solid overall construction, this one is certainly worth looking into. The 2-way suspension system offers 2x harness adjustment, so you can get it just right for your child. There is also a parking brake for when you need to keep the stroller completely stationary.

The multi-stage adjustable backrest is another great feature that offers you the ability to find the best position for your child. When it comes to finding a truly durable stroller, you really cannot do much better than this one. The sleek frame and neutral colors make this stroller quite stylish and aesthetically-pleasing. If you have been looking for a stroller that is highly dependable and will hold up well over time, this one is certainly worth considering. You will be able to place your child facing towards or away from you with ease. The numerous recline options are something else that you will need to consider before deciding whether or not to get this particular model.

Stokke Xplory Reversible Stroller

The Stokke Xplory Reversible Stroller has a height adjustable seat, so you will be able to get it exactly how you want. The great thing about this stroller is that you will be able to bring your child as close to you as you want while they are inside. This stroller is appropriate for children up to 45 lbs, so it is suitable for most parents of very young kids. It is made in Europe and has a lightweight aluminum design. Made from automobile-grade polymer, this stroller is both extremely durable and light.

If you are going to purchase a new reversible stroller, you will definitely need to know that the one you get is going to stand the test of time. You simply will not find many other strollers that are quite as tough as this one. The Stokke Xplory textile is SPF50, which means that it offers a high level of protection to your baby’s sensitive skin. If you are going to take your child outside in a stroller, it is very important that you get one that will effectively shield them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Direct sunlight exposure can cause quite a bit of harm to your baby, which is why it’s so important that you get a stroller like this one.

Bugaboo Frog Reversible Stroller

The Bugaboo Frog is definitely one reversible stroller that you will need to look into before making up your mind on anything in particular. This stroller has a unique and convenient 3-in-1 system that will provide your child with everything it needs. It is fully reversible with a click-in seat/bassinet that allows you to choose how you want to view your baby. Whether it is forward or rear-facing, you will be in full control.

The adjustable seat on this stroller has 3 individual recline levels for maximum comfort, and it converts easily into a bassinet whenever you need it to. The small swiveling city-use wheels in front are great for turning around corners with minimal effort. If you want a reversible stroller that you can maneuver very easily over almost any terrain, this one is worth looking into. It has lots of positive reviews and ratings online from people who have actually purchased it. When it comes to reversible strollers, this is one the better options you are going to have. The durable overall design of this stroller is something else to keep in mind, so you can depend on it to really last.

Luxury Infant Baby Foldable Stroller

The Luxury Infant Baby Foldable Stroller from Smart-H has quite a lot to offer, including its large canopy that will protect your child’s sensitive skin from the sun when you are outside with them. The adjustable 5-point harness is an important safety feature and one that you’ll be glad to have with this stroller. The height of the backrest is also adjustable to meet the specific needs of your child. The highest position on this stroller is comfortable for sitting, while the lowest position is equally as comfortable for lying down and sleeping.

The ergonomic handle on this stroller makes it easy to push for long periods of time without having to worry about getting uncomfortable at all. It is extremely easy to assemble, so putting it together won’t be a hassle at all. The padded seat cushion offers additional comfort, so your child won’t be fussy while you are out with them. Simply pull up the reversible sliding switch on the handle and move it easily for changing the direction at any time. The anti-shock front and rear wheels are also great for going over bumpy terrain so your child won’t even feel it.

Combi Catalyst Stroller

The Combi Catalyst Stroller offers a 3-in-1 modular design for customized travel. The basinet in this stroller allows you to lie your baby flat for nap time. It is fully reversible, so you can have your child sit facing you or away when you want. There is a 50 lb capacity, which is actually slightly more than the average stroller. If you want a stroller that your baby can really grow into so you don’t need to spend a lot of money on another one anytime soon, this is a good choice.

The travel system that this stroller offers will provide you with maximum convenience, and the adapters are included. There is a telescoping handle that makes this stroller easy to push around for even extended periods of time. It has a very durable overall design, so you shouldn’t have any issues with this one breaking down on you anytime soon. The wheels on this stroller are a little bit larger and sturdier than most, which is yet another reason to consider getting it for your child.


Reversible strollers have definitely started increasing in popularity in recent years, and it’s very important that you take the time to look for one yourself. These strollers have a lot to offer parents, and chances are you will be glad you purchased one yourself. The Combi Catalyst Stroller is by far one of the better reversible strollers you can buy because of its convenient 3-in-1 travel design, as well as its overall durability and easy maneuvering. You will definitely need to make a point of seeing what your options are before choosing a certain stroller though, because you cannot be too careful. All of the research you do into these strollers will pay off in the end. And who knows, maybe a typical stroller was all you needed from the start!