The Best Strollers and Car-Seats for Traveling

If you are looking for the best stroller for travel, it’s important that you know what some of your options are like. Parents who travel a lot with their children know just how crucial it is to have the right stroller, so you don’t want to pick just any of them. The last thing you want is to choose the wrong stroller for traveling, because you will definitely end up regretting it for numerous reasons.

Why it’s Important to Buy the Best Stroller for Travel

Any parents who are going to travel around with their child often will want a stroller that is designed for this kind of use. You do not want to buy just any stroller, because you will most likely find traveling with it to be incredibly inconvenient. You will need to look for a stroller that is lightweight so you won’t have a hard time carrying it around or storing it when you need to. When you get this type of stroller you will make your own life much easier.

How to Pick the Best Stroller for Traveling

If you plan on doing a lot of traveling with your child, you will definitely need to find a stroller that will match your needs exactly. There are quite a few of these strollers to choose from, which is all the more reason to weigh your options carefully before making a final decision.

Lightweight Design

You will absolutely need to choose a stroller with a lightweight design if you want to travel with it as easily as possible. Strollers with an aluminum frame are really going to be your best option. The less your stroller weighs, the easier it will be to transport it. An aluminum frame guarantees both durability and portability, which you will certainly want in your new stroller.

Easy to Fold Up

It is also important that you choose a stroller that is easy to fold up. The last thing you want is to be messing around with your stroller on an airplane trying to get it to fold up so you don’t keep people behind you waiting. Most travel strollers can be folded up in one or two steps, and less is always better.

Solid Wheels

You should make a point of trying to find a stroller with solid wheels that won’t give you any problems when you are going over bumpy or uneven terrain. When you are traveling with your stroller, you don’t want to have to worry about not being able to control your stroller when your child is in it. Look for strollers with air-filled tires, as they tend to be the best for this purpose.

Adjustable Recline

Make sure that the stroller you choose offers numerous recline positions so that you will be able to sit your child upright or put him/her down for a nap when necessary. If you are going to be traveling with your stroller, this is an important feature to focus on before making a final decision (consider reversible strollers).


Product Name
Overall Rating
Princeton Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller
(4 / 5)
Black Chicco C6 Stroller
(4 / 5)
Aqua Baby Jogger Vue Lite Stroller
(3.5 / 5)
Jake Black UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller
(4 / 5)
Teal Urbini Omni Plus Travel System
(2.5 / 5)
Otto Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat
(4 / 5)
Lilla Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
(4.5 / 5)

Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

When you are looking for the very best lightweight stroller for travel, you really cannot do much better than the Baby Trend Lightweight Stroller. This particular stroller has a comfort-grip handle and parent organizer tray that makes using it very comfortable and convenient. Its compact folding design makes this stroller perfect for travel. Whether you are getting on a bus, train or even an airplane, you will be able to fold up and store this stroller quick. There is also the dual foot activated parking brake, which is an important safety feature.

The large canopy on this stroller will shield your child from the blinding UV rays of the sun. If you want your child to stay completely safe while you are outside with him or her, you will definitely need to make a point of looking into this stroller because of everything it has to offer. The 5-point harness is yet another important safety feature that you will need to consider before making a final decision. This stroller is one of the best choices on the market when it comes to traveling, simply because it has such a compact and lightweight design. This stroller’s aluminum frame makes it both durable and light, which is perfect for parents who travel quite a bit with their kids.

Chicco Capri Stroller

The Chicco Capri Stroller is another great choice for parents who tend to travel quite a bit. This stroller also has a very lightweight design with an aluminum frame, weighing a mere 11 pounds. You will not find a lot of other strollers on the market that have as much to offer as this one with such a low weight. It also has a round and roomy canopy that will effectively shield your child from the blinding and harmful UV rays of the sun when you two are outside together. The all-wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks, so you will be able to take it anywhere.

There is a five-point padded harness and multi-position reclining seat, allowing you to put your baby down for a nap when you need to. It has a very safe and comfortable design that is ideal for long trips. You will also get a very stylish and roomy bag with a carry strap for easy transport. Anyone who travels a lot with their kids will find this particular stroller to be a great choice due to how light yet durable it is. You can count on this stroller to stand the test of time.

Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller

The Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller offers extreme convenience with a very lightweight aluminum frame. If you are tired of having to struggle with big bulky strollers when going on airplanes and other forms of transportation, this one is for you. This stroller can switch from parent-facing to forward facing in an instant, so you can decide how you want your child sitting.

There is a foot release to fold this stroller in either direction, as well as a UV 50+ canopy that reverses in one easy step to protect your child from the powerful and potentially harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you are going to be out walking with your baby in the stroller on sunny days, you will definitely be glad for this canopy feature. This stroller quickly and easily becomes an entire travel system with your infant car seat using the appropriate adapter, which is sold separately.

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller

The UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller is a great stroller for traveling parents, so it is worth taking a close look at before you decide what you want to buy. This particular stroller has a new one action brake as well as a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it both durable and very easy to carry around when traveling. If you need to go on an airplane with your children, this stroller will not pose any issues whatsoever. It has easy-to-remove fabrics and seat pad for children three months old to 55 lbs. This means that you shouldn’t experience any problems when it comes to getting your child in.

The extendable SPF 50 plus sunshade is another excellent feature that you will want to keep in mind. This canopy will protect your child from the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun when you are talking walks outside. It has a very durable frame that will be able to stand the test of time. If you want a stroller that you can travel with easily and not have to worry about breaking down anytime soon, this is a great choice.

Three in One Stroller Travel System

Urbini Omni Plus Travel System

The Urbini Omni Plus Travel System is designed for use with children up to 50 lbs, so you can count on it to provide you with exactly what you need for your child. The multi-position tilt reclining seat will allow you to position your child exactly how you want, whether it is completely upright or laid back so they can take a nap. It has a reversible stroller seat, so you can sit your child facing forward or away from you. This stroller converts into carriage mode with very little effort, so you won’t have to worry about any hassle at all.

The 3-position adjustable foam handle will allow you to stay completely comfortable while you are pushing your child in the stroller, even for long periods of time. There is also a removable arm bar and a roomy storage basket for you to put diapers, toys, and a variety of other things. The parent cup holder will provide you with a place to put your drink as well. The EVA wheels on this stroller are very durable and can be pushed over just about any sort of terrain with minimal effort. You will be able to fold this stroller up without any issues when you are traveling with it for your convenience.

Best Car Seat for Travel

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat

The Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat is a great choice for those who travel a lot, and it’s important that you know why. This car seat has a rear-facing design that is rated for children from 5-40 lbs (19” to 40”), so you shouldn’t experience any problems with getting your child into it comfortably. When you put your child forward facing, there is a maximum weight capacity of 22-40 lbs or 29” to 43” and at least two years old. The seat mad is machine washable and dryer safe, making maintenance a breeze.

This car seat is actually certified for use on aircrafts, so you won’t have any issues with taking it as a carryon when you are traveling. It really is the best fit when it comes to growing children, and it’s highly recommended for this reason among others. With a very durable overall design, you will find that the NEXT Convertible car seat is a great option that you will need to look into before deciding what to get.

Best Baby Travel System

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

When you are looking for the very best baby travel system, you will definitely want to learn all you can about the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. This travel system includes the Bravo stroller, Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat, and Base. You should get everything you need with this travel system, and it has a removable seat for easy transformation into a stylish frame carrier for the Key Fit. This stroller features one-hand fold, auto-positioning wheels and self-standing compact folded position.

You will also get a convenient parent tray with storage and cup holders, so you will have plenty of room to put your things as well as your child’s. This travel system is designed exclusively for use with the #1 rated Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat. This stroller features a one-hand fold design, making it very convenient when you are traveling and need to put it away. The self-standing compact folded position is another great feature that makes this stroller ideal for parents who travel a lot and need a stroller that can accommodate their needs. It is highly rated among customers and we think it’s one of the best baby travel systems on the market right now.


While it’s true that there are many different strollers designed for traveling, you will not want to pick just any of them. Instead you will have to make a point of selecting a stroller that will meet all of your needs to provide you with the convenience you require. We think that the Serious Jetsetter is one of the better stroller choices when it comes to traveling, simply because it has one of the more compact and lightweight designs. All of the strollers listed in this article are great for traveling, but you might find that there is one in particular that appeal to you more than the others. In the end you will be glad you devoted the necessary time to do this research.